The appeal of local
global reach.
Just as kawaii and manga
have become international words,
the Japanese philosophy of totteoki is
our latest gift to the world.
I didn't know something old could be so new.

For example, traditional arts
have been reborn as Japanese brands.
The culture of the snow country,
passed down from prehistoric times,
has been sublimated into first-class hospitality.
We are showing the world new values
that have never been experienced before.

The experience of a single day can stay with you for a lifetime.

You might not even recall the news
you saw on social media yesterday,
yet you remember the vivid blue sea
you visited ten years ago.
There are memories that always
come back at random moments.
That special kind of experience is what we
want you to experience in modern Japan.

This experience won't show up in an Internet search.

Is it really best to
pick the top search result?
The most appealing individuals are the ones
who are actually humble.
The more you learn, the more you will discover
many enticing experiences across Japan.

I fell in love with Japan all over again.

It's fine to visit a country
you've never been to,
or to stay at a famous tourist destination.
But once in a while,
you should rekindle your love
for Japan by rediscovering
not only its name
recognition and accessibility,
but also its culture, its history, its artistry,
and its people.

This is a project that offers comprehensive marketing and promotional
support for events and activities involving small and medium-sized
businesses that offer products and services featuring Japan's uniqueness. It
incorporates the unique perspective of non-Japanese people who know
about the specific needs and lifestyles of international visitors with the aim
of stimulating overseas demand particularly with respect to regional
branding and inbound tourism.
We offer the following types of
support for businesses
Subsidizing the cost of activities
The project provides grants covering up to two thirds of activity-related
expenses if they qualify as wages and travel expenses for external personnel
or as expenses for programs to boost consumption through inbound tourism.
Advice from specialists,
including those who are
Participating businesses are able to obtain the advice needed from various
specialists in order to promote your projects.
If the specialist your business expects cannot be found,
we will confer with you to find a suitable specialist.
Network-building support
We provide support for building networks that includes both holding
meetings to bring all projects together in one place and providing
opportunities for interaction with external specialists
from both Japan and abroad.
Forward-looking branding
Based on advice from a non-Japanese perspective, we will bridge the gap
between your current status and your goals, stimulating inbound tourism
demand and preparing for forward-looking expansion of
inbound tourism demand.
Synergy between projects
We develop synergy between projects by proactively sharing information and
expertise from other projects.
Note: The signup period for businesses has ended.